I’m a UX designer, developer, and creative tinkerer with over 10 years of experience in the interactive field. I’m currently a Senior UX designer at Hulu. I think great design comes from asking why a lot. Before Hulu, I was the UI lead at an IPTV startup, and before that I ran my own web design company and freelanced on a huge range of digital projects. To me, user experience design is the glue that bonds technology’s potential to a healthy love of our digitized lives, and creating experiences that work with people is what I love to do. I have a blog about UX sound design called Beyond the Beep, I produce lots of music, and I think squash is the best sport ever.
A handful of the dozens of projects I designed or developed over the past few years:
The Kitty Landers Show
A quirky and explorative site for a very quirky and imaginative kids TV show. design + dev
The Sims 3 Console Site
A highly interactive, media-heavy, and über-localized (21 languages!) site for the popular video game. interaction design + dev
The Motorola Xoom Launch Site
The launch site for one of the first real iPad competitors. Featuring a 360° tablet spinner and specs galore. dev + interaction design
Easy A International Site
The international site to promote a pretty awesome movie. dev
Some of my favorite projects from 4+ years ago, way back when smartphones weren't so smart
A cheeky and interactive Sarah Palin speech synthesizer that TMZ helped go very viral. concept + design + dev
Eneco Carbon Desk
A corporate but fun web presence for one of the Netherland’s largest energy companies. design + dev
The Final Four of Everything
Interactive and viral site for Simon & Schuster to promote their book, "The Final Four of Everything." design + dev
Become An M&M
A massively complex site to design your own M&Ms avatar I worked on at The Barbarian Group. freelance producer
The Passat 120 Features Minisite
An ambitious and award-winning site with over 120 original videos I worked on while at Arnold Worldwide. producer
The New Jetta Minisite
A deeply interactive, media-heavy and award-winning site I worked on at Arnold Worldwide. producer